The history of textile industry in Bursa dates to appr. 500 A.C.  Imported from China and manufactured outside of China for the first time; Silk was used in Bursa in 550s A.C. Bursa held its own also as the centre of textile industry during the Ottoman Empire; and nowadays it is the capital city of Turkey in textile sector. Bursa, thanks to the establishment of foreign-financed silk companies with in 1800s, experienced the first industrialization movement and had an important place in the economy of the country. Thanks to public investments supported by Turkish Republic since its foundation in 1923, Merinos factory and some other private sector institutions had significant roles for the development of national economy. Textile sector has expanded its share increasingly on national economy after 1980s. In the development of the sector in the Bursa region, the presence of educational and research institutions that serve the sector cannot be denied in addition to historical background. The sector covers a wide range of products from yarn production to apparel production, including cotton weaving, artificial and synthetic yarn production, woollen weaving, fancy yarn production, knitting, towel production, dye-finishing, and some other sub-sectors.

Bursa region has a leading position on production of synthetic yarn, upholstery and curtain fabrics. The building blocks of cluster of home textile are the SMEs and production areas.  Home textiles have teeth on value chain. While creating a value chain, common goals, customer groups, common design requirements and mutual complementary strategies will empower the competitiveness capacity.