Dear Cluster Members,

  Our studies on the cluster sustainable home textile have been carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology since 02.05.2018 successfully. We have conducted meetings with the participation of you so far and will keep it up within next 5 years of the project duration. These kinds of meetings have a place in establishing cooperation and exchange of views. Thanks to activities carried out within the scope of SETEK Project, Turkish Home Textile industry is in the centre, because it has a high added value in line with industry 4.0 and a greater share of the world production value chain.

- To create a structure where learners and employees can cope with opportunities and threats by focusing on getting the enriched competitive advantages required by local or overseas markets;
- To enhance marketing power by joint movements to establish a centre that will have a dominant position in design;
- To improve current infrastructures of companies;
to carry on studies to make the transition to value-added production easier  

With this cluster project, we aim to prepare the cluster companies for the future by predicting future trends in home textile technologies, distribution channels, consumer behaviours in especially EU countries and the US, as target markets, within the period of 2030-2035. We aimed to integrate our strategy studies and market analysis studies with the world's leading institutions / organizations. Our goal here is to be able to guide you towards a better future. Moreover, we aim to strengthen the sub-structures of our cluster members with modern business techniques (information, lean management etc). Besides, we would like to establish a model factory for the requirements of our industry within the scope of the project. This facility will enable us to meet all our industry's sample needs in faster, more accurate and cheaper ways. Our modern factory is planned with an infrastructure that will serve the transition to industry 4.0. Our aim is to increase international competitiveness capacities of our member companies by supporting them with our activities such as B2B and fair organization with the contribution of BTSO and UTİB.

These studies are the factors that increase our chances of success with the diligence, efforts, young population, innovativeness and proximity to the EU countries, Middle East and African markets while the competitiveness has been on the increase all around the world. I am confident that we will make much more successful in a short time and have much higher than our current export figures with the participation of you, as players of a successful team game.

Best Regards,    

Osman Nuri Canik