Sustainable Home Textile Cluster (SETEK) is a project that had a right to be supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. It has been supported with a grant at the rate of 50% of total budget for 5 years.  Within the capacity of home textile sector in Bursa, this cluster project has started its activities in May 2017 to become the pioneer of innovation and competitiveness both in the region and throughout the country.

Textile is the first and unique textile cluster supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology within the scope of one of the projects carried out by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as coordinated by Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Centre. The cluster in business on Marmara region; consists of public enterprises, umbrella organizations, that manufacturers, customers, suppliers and supporters of home textile sector. One of the main purposes of this project is to get powerful companies into strong infrastructure in this region and bring their competitiveness volume to upper levels.

Sustainable Home Textile Cluster Project is the way of accelerating the organizational and psychological transformation of the process by shaping the sector's transition to a new competitive strategic segment. The project will support core business, play a role for the adoption and implementation process to be carried out by the region's stakeholders and support the preparation of the business ecosystem for future.