Dear SETEK Members,

Textile and apparel sectors are among the leading industrial sectors in Turkey that have the right to comment on economic issues all around the world. According to WTO, Turkey is 5th country in textile and 7th in apparel sector. In the ranking of exports to European Union countries, Turkey, is the second largest supplier for textile, and third for apparel.

Home textiles, one of the most basic subgroups of the textile and apparel industry, is one of the first thing come to mind in Turkey on global markets. Turkish home textile producers continue to offer added value to both our country and the world. As the leading city of Turkey in textile sector, Bursa has strengthened its position in textile sector under the guidance of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Bursa, with its export value of $8,5/kg in textile sector, two times more than country average, Bursa has reached a much more special point thanks to its average export value of 14 dollars per kilogram in home textile sector. Today, thousands of companies carrying on their activities in the sector continue to work with great devotion to make more contribution to the economy.

In the belief that the future of the sector requires to competitiveness, we put SETEK Project into practice as a first Cluster in textile sector in Turkey; and it has gained steam to be at the fore of innovativeness and competitiveness in both Bursa and Turkey. Our main purpose is to make national home textile products world-renowned trademarks by attaching importance on these products from their design phase to end products through the cluster members.

I believe that this project that takes 5 years with the financial support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology will contribute to Turkish Home Textile Industry so as to enhance its high value-added production capacity and take part in global value chain. I hope that SETEK Project will be the best for the cluster members, our city and our country. Good luck for all the member companies!

The President of BTSO Board of Directors
İbrahim BURKAY