The Strategy And Analysis Meeting Of SETEK Project
Our studies that are intended for activities will be organized in next 4 years and future strategies, will have been completed by SETEK Project. During this process;
  • Talent Inventory,
  • Current Situation Analysis,
  • Global Comparison,
  • Future Strategies,
works would be completed.  Our International Market Researching and Future Trends studies have been continued rapidly at the same time. “Strategy and Analysis Meeting of SETEK Project” will be organized to share incomes of these two totalitarian studies at BUTEKOM Conference Hall at 09:00 – 17:00 on June 6, 2018, Friday. SETEK Project will be organized by TABU Solutions who is consultant of strategy studies and Euromonitor International Commissioners who are consultant of international market researching and then the reports of companies that are participator in studies of global comparison.
Brianna PETERSON (Euromonitor International)
Fulya BERKSOY (Euromonitor International)
Stella VATCHEVA (Euromonitor International)
Ekin TAŞKIN (TABU Solutions)
Günkut GÜRŞEN (TABU Solutions)
  • It is obligatory for all cluster members companies to participate in the meeting.
  • It is also strongly recommended that company owners and partners participate in strategy and market presentations between 09: 00-12: 00.
  • Simultaneous translation will be held during the meeting.